Whitefish Montana Caviar

Mountain Lake Fisheries specializes in lake whitefish products. The clear unpolluted lakes of northwest Montana make possible the production of what experts consider to be the finest Golden Whitefish Caviar and Whitefish Fillets available in North America.

Of the several whitefish products we produce, the most unique is our Golden Whitefish Caviar. The distinctive rich apricot hue of our caviar is reminiscent of a Rocky Mountain sunrise. Because of its origin in pristine waters, its slightly crunchy texture, and its mild non-fishy, non-bitter flavor, many experts agree that the quality of our caviar is truly superb. Because of their favorable impressions, our caviar enjoys the enviable distinction of being served on numerous occasions at the James Beard Foundation in New York City, the most prestigious chef's organization in this country.
To assure our out-of-state customers of the utmost quality, our fresh-frozen “malossol” (low salt) caviar is shipped by one-day air in insulated packaging. By shipping our caviar frozen, the customer is given the option of either holding it in frozen storage or of thawing it for immediate consumption or sale. Our caviar freezes extremely well and has a frozen shelf life of more than a year. We are capable of either shipping directly to our retail clients or to their friends or customers. We eagerly invite you to taste our caviar and determine its unique merits for yourself. We think you’ll be very pleasantly surprised.