Montana Vortex


The Montana Vortex is a genuine quantum, or gravitational anomaly that defies the laws of physics and nature. Located on Hwy 2 East just thirteen miles west of Glacier National Park, the Montana Vortex has been mystifying and exciting visitors for over thirty six years. When you pass through the "Portal" you can see and feel the power of the vortex and you enter a reality where some physical rules like gravity and perspective are decidedly skewed. Adults and children alike will enjoy this unique experience and many people come back year after year to "Feel The Power Of Nature". The famous "House of Mystery" is a crooked house that sits right in the center of our smallest and most dynamic vortex. Slanted walls and floors inside the house accentuate the power of the vortex and will provide you with lots of laughs and fun as you explore and experience this unique energy field. Native Americans recognized this naturally occurring phenomenon. Like visitors today the Native Americans could feel the energy of the vortex and see the many twisted trees in the area. Elders of various tribes tell us that this area was called a "place of no return" and was considered a place of distinction, that was honored with offerings of tobacco and sweet grass. This tradition still goes on today in an area that has been set aside for these offerings and sacred ceremonies. The true mystery at the Montana Vortex is the question of how human beings can appear to shrink and grow in the eyes of others and themselves by simply walking a few short feet along a level surface? "The Platform" is a level cement area that sits on one of the lines of energy of the vortex. When you stand on one end of "The Platform" in the energy field you will shrink any where from four to six inches. Standing on the other end of "The Platform" will bring you back to your normal size. Visitors are continually amazed at being able to see this natural occurring phenomenon and leave with pictures and video to prove it. The healing Labyrinth is a new addition to the vortex grounds and we invite you to take a walk on it. Walking a labyrinth is an interesting approach to meditation and is claimed by many to have very special healing and spiritual powers.
Our Labyrinth has been built right in the center of the largest vortex on the property and is ready for your personal journey.

The Hexagon is also a new addition. Discovered in 2005 this area has six stepping stones placed in a circle. Each stone is level with all the rest and as six people walk around this circle they can all see themselves shrink and grow. This attraction is unique to the Montana Vortex and can also be filmed or captured in pictures.

The Montana Vortex is consider the most dynamic vortex of all the known vortex attractions in the country. The sensory feelings and the energy that many people feel in their bodies and bones inside the Vortex will amaze you. So come "Feel The Power Of Nature" and experience this natural phenomenon for yourself.