Montana Blackfeet Nation

Northwest Montana Tribes
the Blackfeet Nation

Browning is home to the Blackfeet tribe. Of the approximately 15,560 enrolled tribal members, there are about 7,000 living on or near the reservation. Nearly 27 percent of enrolled members are of three-fourths or greater Indian blood.

The Blackfeet Indians are commonly thought to have acquired their name because of the characteristic black color of their moccasins, painted or darkened with ashes.

The Blackfeet Reservation is in northwestern Montana along the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains. Its one-and-a-half million acres are bordered on the north by Canada and on the west by Glacier National Park.

There are eight major lakes and 175 miles of fishing streams.
Tribal permits are required and guides are available
through Fish, Wildlife & Parks. The tribe operates four campgrounds.

Blackfeet Nation
P.O. Box 850 Browning, MT 59417
406-338-7521 or
406-338-7522 Fax: 406-338-7530

Blackfeet Nation ECONOMY
A manufacturing plant on the reservation
produces pencils, pens and markers.
Several other businesses operate under Siyeh Development, Inc.

Major uses of the land are ranching and farming.

The principle crops are wheat, barley and hay.
See local Blackfeet historic sights, such as buffalo jumps, tipi rings, pow wows and the Museum of the Plains Indian, or enjoy horseback riding, fishing and Rocky Mountain hiking in Glacier National Park. Spend the evening hours around the campfire learning about Blackfeet culture, listening to stories, drumming and singing. Meet our little herd of Spanish Mustang horses (original Indian horses) and enjoy walking and relaxing on the prairie, in glacially formed foothills and in the Rocky Mountains where the Blackfeet people have roamed and lived for many centuries.

Our lodge, tipis, and gallery are located on two hundred acres of pristine prairie with a spring fed lake 2.5 miles west of Browning, Montana on Hwy 89 and just a few short miles east of Glacier National Park. Great Falls and Kalispell, Montana are nearest airports. The closest international airport to us is Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
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