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Featured Northwest Montana Artisan

Northwest Montana has lots of folks
who create fine art and useful prducts.

Today we are Featuring
Montana Blue Heron

These Folks build beautiful custom baskets.
And what a Great name. The Blue Heron here in
Northwest Montana is a wonderful sighting.

Their Story
Montana Blue Heron is Marilyn Evans and Wm. Stevens, two self-taught weavers who have taken their willow structure weavings from simple basketry into the realm of woven sculpture and three-dimensional wall art. Indeed, their work has won not only "Best of Fiber" but "Best of Sculpture" at Western state art shows from Scottsdale and Sedona to Sun Valley and Sausalito.

Marilyn Evans has been weaving for nearly twenty years. Her craft of focus was fine beadwork until she spent a summer day visiting with her sister in Illinois and learning the amenities of basic wicker weaving. Upon her return to Montana she went to the river to find willow, bulrushes and cattail and in a few sunlit, riverside hours she was ensnared. Her background is still manifest in the embellishments, which are the
finishing touches on nearly every piece.

I joined her over ten years ago, bringing with me a desire to explore shape, form and color previously founded in low fire, reduction pottery. The "sculptural" direction our work has taken is probably a result of my creative propensities,
and yet our collaboration is nearly total.

Our work is the result of a shared vision, communication, and the fact that nearly every individual piece has had both our hands on it at some point in its development. If I am often the "What" of the piece, Marilyn is always the "How". Our year begins, as does each weaving, with the willow. Wands of willow and red osier dogwood are gathered in the Spring and replenished in the Fall. If we are picking willow you may be assured that it is a beautiful, golden day along a silver ribbon of river, somewhere in Montana, from the Tobacco and Flathead in the north to the Beaverhead or Bighole in the south. The bundles we gather represent the body of work to come over the next 6 months, and though our clients tell us again and again that it is our Color that is paramount in their decision, for the two of us
the work is in the Willow.

The Willow is the foundation, the "bones"of every piece. It gives us grace of shape, strength and durability. Over these bones are laid the flesh of weaving in colors and textures ranging from the brilliant to the sublime. Color is the domain of Marilyn. Watching her work, like some combination of chef and chemist, she mixes her potions and powders to some recipe known only to her through her years of experience as a master dyer. I see her take bundles of rattan and raffia, jute, seagrass and sisal, plain drab and common, place them in her magic vats, and then hours later draw them out, gleaming with all the scintillating color our work has become known for. From the dye-works, the hued weavers are taken to the rinse tubs and then to the vats of soda-ash and salts where the colors are fixed. Hung to dry in a breezy shade, the ritual is complete. The only further color pertinent procedure comes with the final weaving of a piece. The last thing we do with each and every one is to spray them with and acrylic, ultra-violet coating, thus ensuring, to the very best of our ability, a color as strong and long lasting as the willow underlying it all.

Another feature of note in our work is our use of antler and wood, not as an adornment, but as an integral form affecting part of the piece. The antler demands little of us except judgment as to its applicability; does it work? Does it lend itself to the form we are creating? The wood, however, requires more. The antler is purchased while the wood is hunted for. The pieces of Aspen or Pine used to frame our unique wall hangings, Aspen tapestry floor pieces, and our Harlequin and Dancer sculptures, must be found, sanded (3–4 finer and finer sandings), oiled (usually three coatings of Tung oil), joined and/or attached to the willow ribs, before becoming the final and often most dramatic element of the piece.
And that, fundamentally, is our story. To sum it all up, it would be fair to say Form, Color, Texture and Imagination are the ingredients we employ and seek to pass onto our patrons and clients. And No our fingers never get tired!

Their Websites

Bigfork Horse

Featured Bigfork Montana Horse Folks

Equestrian Center
The Bunyea family, Steve, Lori, BreeAnn, Austin, Biscuit, & Lucky welcome you to their world class facility for horses. Located in beautiful Bigfork, Montana, the Bigfork Equestrian Center is a fully equipped, state of the art, facility. Owned and operated by people who truly care about horses and their owners.
The Bigfork Equestrian Center is associated with Buck Brannaman the world famous horse gentler who was the inspiration for the movie The Horse Whisperer.

Located at 116 Sandy Lane you can reach the center by turning North onto Echo Lake Road at the Junction with Hwy 83, then turning West onto McCaffery Road, watch for Sandy Lane on the left, approximately 1 mile west from the junction at Echo Lake Road.
You can contact the Center by calling406-837-0609 or 406-250-1560
or emailing them at: bec@centurytel.net

the Horse business in Montana is not
an easy one. Owning horses and caring for horses
is constant hard work, and the more you care about the
horse, the harder the work is. So if you on a Montana Horse Vacation,
be sure and show your horse and its owner the highest respect.

Flathead Cherries

Flathead Cherries can be found at road side stands when they are in season. Today I heard that some of these stands have Cherries from Washington and they just advertise as Flathead Cherries, so watch out what your buying. And enjoy your Real Flathead Cherries.

Kalispell Montana

Kalispell Montana

Kalispell is, of course located in Northwest Montana. Kalispell Montana is in the Flathead Valley. Kalispell is in the process of a huge growth spurt with mega-shopping, new schools, additions to the Flathead Valley Community College and lots of development.

Surrounded by towering mountains, pristine lakes, and fertile valleys, Kalispell is the regional trade center for northwest Montana, a market of 150,000 people, and the Flathead County seat. Founded in 1891, Kalispell is now a bustling small city and home to much history, culture, commercial activity and outdoor recreation.

The original town site, named Demmersville in honor of Jack Demmers, was founded in 1887 along the Flathead River, southeast of present-day Kalispell. However, Demmersville soon became a ghost town when surveyors from the Great Northern Railroad arrived in the area to locate the town site for what is present-day Kalispell. It was the Great Northern Railroad that helped put Kalispell on the map and nurtured the town's economic growth.

On December 31, 1891, railroad graders and track layers reached the center of Main Street. The next day, New Year's Day 1892, the first locomotive officially arrived. A big celebration was held at which time a silver spike was driven in the center tie. Citizens contributed the silver coins that were melted and molded into a spike, which was driven in
by the two oldest settlers in residence in the valley.

The railroad brought in businessmen, tourists and pioneers looking for a new start. Kalispell soon emerged as an industrial center as sawmills, flour mills, merchants and farmers rooted themselves in the area. Kalispell quickly established itself as the trade center for Northwest Montana, and eventually, the county seat.

Though pioneers and settlers moving West helped make Kalispell the thriving hub that it is, the Native Americans have a deep rooted history that goes back much further than the arrival of the first white men. Archeological evidence shows that Native Americans inhabited Montana more than 14,000 years ago. Many of the place names used to describe the area's features today belong to the Salish, Blackfoot, Kutenai and Kalispel Tribes.

Situated 2,959 feet above sea level on the west slope of the Rocky Mountains, Kalispell and the surrounding 24 square mile Flathead Valley enjoy a relatively mild and pleasant climate year round. Four distinct seasons, each provide a new way of enjoying the area. There are very few places in the world where you can ski, swim, golf, and sail-occasionally on the same day!

Centrally located to the Flathead Valley's recreational hot spots:
31 miles from Glacier National Park
22 miles from Hungry Horse Dam
17 miles from Whitefish and Big Mountain Ski Resort
9 miles north of Flathead Lake, the largest natural freshwater lake west of the Mississippi, with a length of over 27 miles and a maximum width of over 15 miles.
However, there is no need to go far to experience a little bit of nature. Within the 7.8 square miles are plenty of open space can be found in city parks like Woodland Park, which offers over two miles of walking trails and picnic areas lined by native trees. Many species of swans, ducks and geese take to the ponds, while humans can cool off in the community pool. In the winter the park offers ice skating and opportunities for peaceful winter strolls.

Kalispell's economy has evolved quite a bit from the town's inception and is becoming a hotbed for more progressive industries. Several high-tech companies that have realized the valuable resources that Kalispell and the Flathead Valley can offer. Technology, medicine, manufacturing, banking, timber, retail, construction and
service industries are well represented and thriving.

Population Statistics (NPA Data Services)

Greater Kalispell 35,000

More Kalispell MT to Come

Kalispell Real Estate and Recreation Coming Soon

If you are in the Kalispell area Check out
Blacktail Mountain Books

a new restaurant review website
for Flathead Valley Restaurants.

Kalispell Real Estate

a Northwest Montana Online Directory

Jewel Basin

Jewel Basin Hiking Area

The Jewel Basin is located east of Kalispell and west of the Hungry Horse Reservoir at the north end of the Swan Mountain Range. The Basin is 15,349 acres including 27 lakes and 35 miles of trails. The Jewel Basin is specially designated for hiking only,
with motorized vehicles and horses restricted. Fishing in Jewel Basin

Camping In Jewel Basin

Jewel Basin Hiking in Northwest Montana

Bob Marshall Wilderness

Bob Marshall, Great Bear,

and Scapegoat Wilderness Complex

This Wilderness Complex is 1,009,256 acres near the Montana cities of Great Falls, Kalispell, and Missoula. The area follows the Continental Divide about 60 miles from north to south and contains varying
of 5,000 to over 9,000 feet.

Bob Marshall Trails

Big Prairie Area

Big River Meadow Area

Big Salmon Creek Trail #110

Black Bear Area

Bowl Creek Trail #324

Danaher Trail #126

Gateway Creek Trail #322

Gordon Creek Trail #35

Gorge Creek Trail #218

Hahn Creek Trail #125

Holland Gordon Trail #35

Holland Gordon Trail #35
Salmon Forks Area

South Fork Alternative #263

South Fork Flathead River Trail #80

South Fork White River Trail #138

Stadler Creek Trail #271

Strawberry Creek Trail #161
Horse Trip into "the Bob"

Sunburst Lake Trail #693

White River Trail #112

Camping in the Bob Marshall Wildernss

Youngs Creek River Trail #141
More Trail information and
Bob Marshall Wilderness Info
Coming Soon...

Glacier Maps

Glacier National Park Maps Online

Maps of the Glacier

Glacier National Park Hiking

Glacier National Park Trails

Glacier National Park Topo Map

Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park Northwest Montana

Glacier National Park Hotels
Glacier National Park Camping
Glacier National Park Lodging

Glacier National Park Weather
Glacier National Park Vacation Rentals
Glacier National Park Maps

Glacier Webcams

Two Medicine Webcam

Glacier Tours

Please respect the park and don't
treat it like a mall.

The "Backbone of the World" is the Blackfeet
tribal name given to the greater Glacier National Park ecosystem.

Lake McDonald Trails

Lincoln Lake Trail
Going-to-the-Sun Road - Lincoln Lake/ 8.0 mi.

Mt. Brown L.O. Trail
Sperry Trail - Mt. Brown L.O./ 3.7 mi.

McDonald Lake
North Mcdonald Road (Kelly Camp) to Fish Creek CPG. / 6.6 mi

McDonald Valley Trails
Includes all trails contained within the valley

South Boundary Trail
Headquarters to Lincoln Creek Tr. Jct. / 5.3 mi.

Swiftcurrent Pass Trail
Granite Park Chalet - Swiftcurrent Pass/ 0.9 mi.

Swiftcurrent L.O. Trail
Swiftcurrent Pass Trail - Swiftcurrent L.O./ 1.4 mi.

Snyder Lake Trail
Sperry Trail to Snyder Lake / 2.6 mi.


Sperry Trail
Lake McDonald Lodge - Sperry Chalet/ 6.4 mi.

Snyder Ridge Trail
Sperry Trail (Crystal Ford) to Lincoln Lake Trail / 2.6 mi.

Trout Lake Trail (From North McDonald Road)
North McDonald Road to Trout Lake / 4.6 mi.

Bigfork Montana

Bigfork Northwest Montana
Bigfork is a soulful town located on Flathead Lake.

Bigfork is the "Village by the Bay".

the Population of Bigfork, MT is around 3500
The elevation is 2,968

Bigfork has lots of Artist and seems
to appreciate the finer things in life.

Bigfork has an eclectic of Village shops,
and unique dining.

Be sure and Visit the Bigfork Playhouse.

The Bigfork Festival of Arts is
the First weekend in August.

Bigfork Vacation Rentals

Bigfork Fishing Guides

Bigfork Boat Tours

Flathead Lake Vacation Rentals,
boating, canoeing, swimming and fishing.

Bigfork Art Galleries
Bigfork Restaurants
Bigfork Luxury Condominiums
Lots more Photos and
information on Bigfork


Bigfork Artisans
Bigfork Custom Furniture
and Log Crafting.

Glacier Institute

The Glacier Institute offers exceptional field and science-based adventures to people of all ages.
Since 1983, The Glacier Institute, a private non-profit organization, has been providing hands on, field based educational adventures to people from all over the world in nature’s wildest places, Glacier National Park and the Flathead National Forest, located within the Crown of the Continent ecosystem. The Glacier Institute is an equal opportunity provider of education.
The Glacier Institute courses take place in a spectacular outdoor classroom throughout the Crown of the Continent ecosystem.
The Crown of the Continent was a phrase coined by Glacier National Park advocate, George Bird Grinnell nearly 100 years ago to describe the magnificence of Glacier’s peaks and valleys. Today, the phrase is used to describe the larger ecosystem that boasts millions of acres and spans the U.S.-Canadian border. Besides Glacier-Waterton International Peace Park, the ecosystem includes the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex, the North Fork Valley, the Blackfeet Reservation and thousands of additional acres of public, private and tribal lands spanning from Banff National Park to the Scapegoat Wilderness.
The Crown of the Continent is the only ecosystem in the lower forty eight states where all indigenous predator and prey species are naturally occurring including grizzly bears and gray wolves. It is a place rich in biological diversity,
Native American heritage and unique geological features.

Montana Horse

Featured Humane Horse Trainer
Located in Whitefish Northwest Montana
"putting horse and human together in a safe environment for personal learning, growth, self-actualization, and enlightenment opportunities in thought, feeling, and spirit.
The Epona ApproachTM
Kris A. Kramer, founder of Human Equinus, is an Epona-Approved Instructor, a Chris Irwin Certified Trainer, and an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner. She apprenticed with Linda Kohanov (author of The Tao of Equus: A Woman's Journey of Healing & Transformation through the Way of the Horse and Riding Between the Worlds: Expanding Our Potential through the Way of the Horse) and Kathleen Barry Ingram M.A. at the Epona Equestrian Center at Apache Springs Ranch in Sonoita, Arizona. She attends annual Train-the-Trainer clinics with Chris Irwin, author of Horses Don't Lie and Dancing with Your Dark Horse. At Human Equinus she teaches horse-human relationship skills, mind-body awareness, emotional fitness, assertiveness and authentic community
and leadership skills, including the items below.

Aspects of Self – Conditioned Personality and Authentic Self Metaphor
Boundaries – Establishing and Maintaining Personal Space and Boundaries
Message Behind the Emotions – The Emotional Message Chart
Body Scan – Emotional and Physical Presence
Meet the Herd and Connect with Each Horse
Reflective Round Pen Work with One Selected Horse
Proximity or Energy Fields in Horses and Humans
Honoring Your Horse – Basic Horsemanship Round Pen Work

Human Equinus
164 Wheeler LaneWhitefish, MT 59937-3384

Phone: (406) 862-2710
Northwest Montana is for Horse Lovers,
gentle Horseman and Horsewoman are welcome here.

Somers Montana

Somers Northwest Montana

On the Northwest shore of Flathead Lake.

Somers is eight miles south of Kalispell, Montana
and 45 minutes from Glacier National Park.
FLATHEAD BOAT RENTALS has daily or weekly rentals for many watercraft including: deck boats, ski boats, jet boats, personal watercraft, canoes, sea kayaks, or peddle boats.
FAR WEST CRUISES offers daily cruises, Private Charters and Special Parties.
MACKINAWS GRILL combines fine dining with superb views of Flathead Lake.

More on Somers Real Estate and Recreation
Coming Soon

Lakeside Condos

Northwest Montana is seeing alot of growth
"Waterside" Condominiums at Lakeside, Montana is one of these
newer developments. These condos claim to be a high quality, and with lots of Lake and mountain views. It is a private community

that is on 500 feet Flathead Lake.
Lakeside Montana is seeing alot of growth, check it out.

Waterside Condos
Waterside at Flathead Lake is a luxury recreation condominium community where breath-taking views of Flathead Lake come standard. This is the premier condominium development in Lakeside and is located within walking distance to local restaurants and businesses. From the spacious deck, living room, dining room, and kitchen this 2 bedroom 2 bath 1384 sq. foot luxury condo with boat slip is the perfect place to launch your boat to explore and enjoy the beauty of Flathead Lake or fine dining indoors with candle light reflections off the hickory wood floors and charming alder cabinets, accentuated by granite countertops. The common areas include a workout facility, hot tub, fire pit, and picnic area plus a marina, fishing dock and lakeside view dock for summer enjoyment. From the spacious deck, living room, dining room, and kitchen this 2 bedroom 2 bath 1384 sq. foot luxury condo with boat slip is the perfect place to launch your boat to explore and enjoy the beauty of Flathead Lake or fine dining indoors with candle light reflections off the hickory wood floors and charming alder cabinets, accentuated by granite countertops. The common areas include a workout facility, hot tub, fire pit, and picnic area plus a marina, fishing dock and lakeside view dock for summer enjoyment.

Sponsored By

Fly Fishing

Northwest Montana Fly Fishing

Northwest Montana has endless fresh water lakes,
blue ribbon fly fishing streams, creeks and high
mountain lakes for endless Montana fishing.

Montana fly fishing in the clear air, Pristine water,
and Big Skies will be an experience you will
treasure for a lifetime and crave year after year.



Northwest Montana Recreation

Montana Coffee

Northwest Montana Coffee Blog

This blog will tell you about Northwest Montana coffee roasters, coffee hotspots, coffee cafes and drive throughs. We will review coffee spots and social hotspots as well as WiFi spots.
Hunter Bay Coffee Roasters, Inc.Celebrating the coffees of the world by offering a fine selection of coffees available for wholesale and retail - 225 W. Front Street, Missoula, MT 59802 - Tel: 406 721-7332 - Fax: 406 728-7139
100% Fair Trade Coffee Company

Montana Coffee TradersWe roast coffee with a cause fresh daily. Varietals, organics and blends - 5810 Highway 93 South, Whitefish, MT 59937 - Toll Free: (800) 345-5282 - Tel: 406 862-7633 - Fax: 406 862-7680
Check out the downtown location in
Whitefish for WiFi and Musical Events.

Coffee Tips
Fresh Roasted Coffee, like cookies, doesn’t stay fresh forever. In fact coffee, once it is roasted, will only stay fresh for about 14 days. Stale coffee is only tolerable if you have not tasted the fresh roasted difference. Most people have lived their entire lives drinking stale coffee.

Handcrafted Coffee located in Kalispell, Montana.
They also sell Espresso machines.

Montana Maid River Blend
Helena Montana Coffee Roasters

At Montana Maid River Blend Coffee Roasters, we roast some of the finest coffees found anywhere in the world. Our shop is a take-out/drive-thru business. When weather permits, you’ll find a crowd on our south-facing deck. Come on by and say hi. Try the drive-thru for great coffee. The Coffee Shack is the original drive-thru espresso cafe in Helena.
Fire Tower Coffee House Roasters
Live Music and Coffee
422 N. Last Chance Gulch
Helena, MT

Colter Coffee Roasting
John Colter explored the west with Lewis and Clark. He later discovered the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Park. Come explore the world of coffee at Colter Coffee Roasting. Colter Coffee Roasting imports only the finest specialty arabica green (raw) coffee beans from around the world. We then roast it fresh everyday right here in Kalispell.
Colter Coffee Roasting is a small custom coffee roaster, specializing in fresh roasted coffee, espresso drinks, coffee accessories and candy.
Located in Kalispell, Northwest Montana

Montana Coffee Traders

Montana Coffee Roaster

Montana Coffee Supplies

Flathead Lake

Flathead Lake
Flathead Lake is located in Northwest Montana. Polson, Bigfork, Somers, Lakeside are towns on Flathead Lake. Flathead Lake
is a gorgeous, pristine body of water.
Flathead Lake is seeing development growth. With Luxury Condos and housing developments Northwest Montana is fastly becoming one of the top pristine destinations of the world. My hope for Flathead Lake is that Montana cares enough to enforce strict rules to protect this body of water. Whitefish Lake is seeing billionaires do what they want and paying tiny fines later. We need a strong statement of if you mess up our shorelines and pollute our waters you lose that property and are forced to leave the state. Does this sound to strict ? Folks come here because of the beauty and development at the level of disrespect it is heading towards does nothing but bring in tax money that does not help protect out waterways and forest. This is not an environmental statement, I am a Northwest Montana native, and I truly love the forest, lakes, rivers and woodland and want to call attention to places such as Flathead Lake in hope that those who can afford to buy large pieces and keep them large will buy Lake property and keep it pristine rather than build condos and cut the land into to tiny pieces.

Lake Koocanusa

Lake Koocanusa is located in the
Northwest Corner of Northwest Montana

Lake Koocanusa with A Rocky Mountain Reflection


I grew up on the shores of Lake Koocanusa
and have family that lived in Old Rexford,
which now is beneath Lake Koocanusa.
More on the Eureka Montana area History,
and Lake Koocanusa will be discussed
in later Posts.

Northwest Montana Golf

Northwest Montana is a beautiful place for golf lovers.
There is nothing quite like looking at the majestic mountains of
Northwest Montana while you are enjoying your favorite pastime:
Golf. Northwest Montana Golf Course resorts are growing,
meaning there are more and More Northwest Montana
Golf Courses Being Build. Come to Northwest Montana
for your Golf Vacation.
Northwest Montana Golf Directory Online
Also Golf Supplies online Comparison Site.
Northwest Montana Golf Destinations
Lakeview Country Club

Big Sky
Big Sky Resort

Big Timber
Overland Golf Course

Eagle Bend Golf Course Pro Shop

Briarwood Country Club Golf Shop

Exchange City Golf Course Club House

Hilands Golf Club Office

Lake Hills Golf Club Pro Shop

Par-3 Golf Course

Yegen Golf Club

Yellowstone Country Club Grounds Shop

Yellowstone Country Club Office

Bridger Creek Golf Course

Cottonwood Hills Public Golf Course

Riverside Country Club Main Office

Valley View Golf Club Office

Rolling Hills Golf Course

Butte Country Club Office

Highland View Golf Course
Choteau Country Club

Ponderosa Butte Public Golf Course Pro Shop

Columbia Falls
Meadow Lake Resort Tee Times

Stillwater Golf & Recreation

Pondera Golf Club

Cut Bank
Cut Bank Golf & Country Club

Deer Lodge
Deer Lodge Golf Club

Beaverhead Golf Club

Madison Meadows Golf Course

Forsyth Country Club

Fort Benton
Singal Point Golf Club

King Ranch Golf Course

Sunnyside Golf & Country Club

Great Falls
Anaconda Hills Golf Course

Emerald Green Golf Club

Meadow Lark Country Club

Speck R O Golf Course

Hamilton Golf Club

Fort Custer Golf Club Pro Shop

Jawbone Creek Country Club

Beaver Creek Golf Course

Bill Roberts Golf Course

Fox Ridge Golf Course

Green Meadow Country Club Golf Shop

Pryor Creek Golf Club

Alexs Country Club

Buffalo Hill Golf Club

Village Greens

Laurel Golf Club

Pine Meadows Golf Course

Cabinet View Country Club

Livingston Golf Club

Miles City
Town & Country CLUB
Highlands Golf Club The

Larchmont Municipal Golf Cours

Linda Vista Golf Course

Missoula Country Club House & Office

University Golf Course Pro Sho

Plentywood Golf Club

Polson Country Club Golf Course Country Club

Red Lodge
Beartooth Golf Club

Red Lodge Mountain Resort Golf-Pro Shop

Mission Mountain Country Club

Ronan Golf Course

Pine Ridge Golf Club

Saint Regis
Trestle Creek Golf Course

Seeley Lak
Double Arrow Golf Course

Marias Valley Golf & Country Club

Sidney Country Club Pro Shop

High Country Club

Whitetail Golf Course

Cedar Creek Golf Course

Thompson Falls
Thompson Falls Golf Course

Three Forks
Headwaters Public Golf Course

Country Club Of Vida

West Glacier
Glacier View Golf Course Inc

Par 3 On 93 Golf Course & Pro Shop

Whitefish Lake Golf Shop

Wolf Point
Airport Golf Club Club House
Golf Course Reviews and News
Coming Soon in Later Posts

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Eureka Montana Blog

Montana Real Estate Consultant Law information

Montana Real Estate Consultant

Ranch for Sale

Featured Northwest Montana Ranch Real Estate


The St. Clair Ranch
This Northwest Montana Ranch for Sale is a fabulously
detailed Timber Frame home on approximately 546 acres
with frontage on a Northwest Montana
Blue Ribbon Fly Fishing Stream.
This Ranch for Sale has high quality Horse
facilities including a state of the art barn and attached arena,
hay storage barn, log barn and a feeder barn.
The property is fenced and cross fenced.
There is a paved entrance in to the property and goes to
all 3 homes (yes 3 homes). There is mountain views,
easy year round access, tree meadow mix, water features
and quality landscaping. The St. Clair Ranch is 40 minutes
outside of Missoula Montana. Call Ten Lakes Realty
today for your private showing.
If you can't wait for more, there is a photos gallery at

St Clair Ranch Slide Show
Click Here

For more details on this Montana Ranch for Sale

Montana Trophy Home On the Clark Fork River

The Bailey Ranch
Northwest Montana Waterfront Horse Ranch
and Trophy Home on 10 acres

Awesome 720 feet of Clark Fork River Frontage.

First Class Fly Fishing from property, tall timber,
rich green lawn with underground irrigation.
Trophy home on 9+ acres in Northwest Montana.
4 bedroom custom home with log accents, heart warming-high
quality hickory floor, awesome floor to ceiling fireplace, sunken
living room, kitchen countertop with stunnin
Australian Cafe' Verde granite and high quality appliances.
This home was built with elegance and style in mind.
The bedrooms have extra tall doors giving the feeling of royalty.
The master bath is custom throughout with high quality tile
work, separate artfully created shower - laundry shoot and
separate rest room area. The home has a completely surrounded
deck with no-maintenance Trex decking overlooking
a gorgeous waterfall and rock pond with the
Majestic Clark Fork River in the background.
There is a 4 car garage with a 1 bedroom apartment above.
For more information and a photo gallery
Photos and Information at Ranch Website