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8000 Square Foot Home for Sale
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Lake Koocanusa Views
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Kalispell Montana News

News According to One Blogger.. if you would like to be a writer on this blog please let us know.. Let us know what's news to you in Kalispell Montana.

Karen Leigh Studio

Inspired primarily by the beauty and spirit of her native Montana as well as travels abroad, Leigh offers original watercolors and commissioned work.

With over 30 years of teaching experience, she is also available as a workshop instructor. Her work is included in the collections of Beringer Wineries, ConAgra Industries and the Smithsonian.

She is featured in the Fall 2004 issue of WATERCOLOR magazine and was selected as one of twenty "Ones to Watch" in the 2003 Yearbook Issue of WATERCOLOR MAGIC.

Northwest Montana Mercantile

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Northwest Montana Internet Marketing
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Glacier Park Lodging

New Website Launch to Help you Find a Place to Sleep in and around Glacier National Park.

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Northwest Montana Real Estate

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BitterRoot Brewing

Northwest Montana Breweries

Northwest Montana is home to quite a few unique breweries. In this POST we are featuring BitterRoot Brewing located in Hamilton Montana.

Sawtooth Ale
Lewis and Clark's 1805-1806 expedition took them past the many creeks that flow into the Bitterroot, among them the Sawtooth Creek. Bitter Root Brewing's blonde ale is made from the finest pale malt and hops available. The addition of malted rye and wheat give this beer a crisp, dry flavor. It's a national medal winner, and a year round favorite.

Check Out Some of Their Unique,
Handcrafted Northwest Montana Brew

Amber Ale
This style is only available in our tasting room. We rotate between 4 different styles. Check out our current amber style today.
Nut Brown Ale
Developed in London, England, Brown Ale has been brewed for hundreds of years. English and American brewing techniques, combined with generous amounts of Crystal and Munich Malts, give Bitter Root Brewing's Nut Brown Ale its sweet, nutty character.

Pale Ale
First brewed in England around 1630, this beer style became popular in the early 18th century, as an alternative to the darker beers of the period. Bitter Root Brewing uses the finest malted barley to brew this English style Pale Ale, and traditional hop varieties give our Pale Ale its hop character.

Known as "Three Threads" or "Entire" Porter it became England's first national beer in 1722. It was called porter because of its popularity with that group of laborers. Bitter Root Brewing brews this rich dark ale with a hint of peat-smoked malt as a salute to English brewers long forgotten.

India Pale Ale (IPA)
First brewed in England around 1800, for export to the British population of India, IPA was generously hopped as a preservative for the long sea voyage from Britain. Combining both British and Northwest brewing techniques, Bitter Root Brewing's IPA is light in color, high in hops, with a rich malt flavor.

Winter Ale
Traditionally brewed as an Old Style/Barleywine Style Ale, Bitter Root Brewing's Winter ale is brewed with six malt varieties, generous amounts of hops, and a long aging process. A national gold medal winner, this "Winter Warmer" is our finest seasonal offering. This seasonal ale is available from October 1st through Easter.

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Hamilton Restaurant

Northwest Montana Restaurants
Featured Restaurant in Northwest Montana.
Located in Northwest Montana's Bitterroot Valley is a Restaurant called "the Edge". The owners name is Tom and Tammy Fair. This restaurant was founded in 1997. This Montana Dining Spot has been called... Winning Best Steak, Best Outdoor Dining, Best Place for A First Date, Best Sports Bar, and Best Anniversary Location. The menu includes savory burgers, unique and tasty past, and Andouille Sausage Jambalaya, Dungeness Crabby Patty Crab Cakes, TNT Steak, and Louisiana Style BBQ Shrimp. Check out this Hamilton Montana Restaurant in the Bitterroot Valley of Northwest Montana.

Crowe Sisters Jewelry

Northwest Montana Custom Jewelry

The best made, exotic museum quality jewelry available on the web. No two pieces are alike. The process of designing and constructing these pieces is not only unique but fascinating. From Northwest Montana the Crowe Sisters bring you style, grace, and elegance in their one-of-a-kind handcrafted necklaces and earrings. Each piece tells a story of the awesome beauty in our everyday lives.
The Crowe Sisters remind us of the intelligence and wit ofthe Crow in the whimsy of every piece. Contact us for Custom Orders at CroweSisters

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They Have Beautiful, Unique Northwest Montana Jewelry.