Buy Groceries Online - Online Groceries are Cheaper, Fresher and Have a Better Variety. ~ My Harvest America - Leslie Turner

I Now Buy All my Groceries Online - Except for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables..

I have found that often times in my area the food is not fresh, and it is marked up hundreds of percent.. sometimes I drive to a neigboring town and get my Groceries cheaper however it is still expensive and then you add gas on top of that and wear and tear on your vehicle... plus there is still often times a freshness issue..

I joined My Harvest America in December of 2009 - I got my first order pretty much right away.. the groceries were extremely fresh and that was my a nice surprise.. no kidding Fresh.. and on top of that the Groceries in the My Harvest America Online Grocery Store are over 40% of from what I was paying at my local grocery story and the Groceries Come Right to my Door and Free Nationwide Shipping.. it is pretty incredible..

I have bought online for years.. .. bought alot of Online Groceries from and that worked out.. .. I liked the fact that I could get groceries delivered to my home and that they were most of the time fresher.. however.. I did pay a bundle in shipping and there was no way for me to tell others about it and make money from that..

With My Harvest America I can Shop Online For Groceries that are Fresher, MUCH Cheaper - they are Shipped Right to my Door for FREE and I make MONEY when other people sign up to Buy Fresh, Cheap Groceries Online that are shipped right to your door for FREE....

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