Revett Minerals Flyer

We all got the Flyer to Test our I.Q. on Rock Creek Mine and Revett Minerals.
They say they are "producing vital metals while protecting the environment". A few year back there were studies on this company and what they are REALLY about. Please check out our Northwest Montana Environmental Blog
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Revett may be providing Jobs BUT after WR Grace andthe deadly lies Lincoln County has been exposed to in the past,can we afford short term jobs with long term possible health risks,losing our fisheries, polluting our waters, and information that will harm usthat won't surface for years after THEY take the money and run.
They say this is good for the Economy of Northwest MontanaHowever, I wonder if this really is. I know we need jobs butI am not certain that giving tax breaks to big business (Revett Minerals),so we can break the backs of our locals and have future lossof wildlife, fisheries and water quality it the answer.
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So Money is Given to Big Business toCreate Jobs for Lincoln County. Theremust be a better way to create jobs.
I have read the flyer and want to believe whatthey say about fish and inert gases, however,time ALWAYs exposes other issuesand than Big Business has moved on whilethe locals are left to take the heat, the health issuesand the Loss of Lifestyle.
Mining Below Wilderness Lakes is just Wrong.I will NEVER hike in the Cabinet mountains, I willalways know that beneath the surface is mining activitiesthat could harm me and that DO harm the animals.With this it will not Seem Pristine.
If This can happen under a Wilderness than it makesyou want to stand behind Montanans for Multiple Useand those who want the Ten Lakes Scenic are to NOTgo to Wilderness status. If this status makes it so that the areacan be opened up to mining and drilling than I, an advocate of Wildernesssay No to turning the Ten Lakes into a Wilderness area.
I use to think wilderness meant protection for an area.
It does not, it means that Big companies are open for Businesswhere you used to hike, horse ride, snowmobile, and fish.
Revett Mineral does not have a Clean past. Google the company, Researchtheir previous names and what they have REALLY been up to.
Does REVETT Mineral Care about Our WildernessCheck out this Quote and Decide for yourself
"There shouldn't be anything sacred about this spot.Plenty of mines are built in prettier places,a wilderness is just a line on a map."Doug Ward Revett MineralsV.P. Corporate Development
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Revett Minerals Threatens Our Northwest Montana Lifestyle FOREVER.They threaten the region's water quality and recreation economy, and the sanctity of wilderness areas nationwide.Rock Creek Mine WILL- Drain wilderness lakes in the Cabinet Mountains.- Impair grizzly bear and bull trout recovery efforts.- Cost Montana taxpayers by leaving us to treat water in perpetuity—a multi-million-dollar burden on our children and their children.
For More Information Check Out of Really Good InformationTake the Timeto Read All of their Pagesand you will KNOW the Truth.
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Once we LOSE the Cabinet Wilderness and PollutionPours into the Clark Fork River and LAKE PEND OREILLEthan we lose Millions of Revenue in folks that want to movehere because it is or WAS pristine here. We lose those whowant to come to Northwest Montana and vacation.Glacier Park brings Millions upon Millions of dollarsto Northwest Montana each year. As we lose timber dollars andlife transitions, our biggest asset is to draw seasonal visitorswho want to be here because it is not like the cities they live in.Northwest Montana being Clean and unpolluted is a BiggerEconomic Gain than a short Term Mine that will causemore damage than good.
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Lots of Really Good InformationTake the Time to Read All of their Pagesand you will KNOW the Truth.
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Folks this is NOT an Environmentalist Protest or stancethis is the FACTS. I have know people who have died horrible deathsdue to WR Grace, and those lies told by this company in effortto "Create Jobs" will haunt the families of Northwest Montana forever.
What you Leave you Children with WILL NOT BE WORTH IT.
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